Residence permit as an investor

The Residence permit as an investor is a new immigration category through which the investor receives permanent residence for economic reasons, by making a minimum investment in Panamanian territory.

The process itself takes approximately 30 days from the date of submission of the Investor Visa application. It is important to note that the entire process must be exclusively managed through a lawyer.

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What are the requirements to obtain the Residence permit as an investor in Panama?

Foreign investors can prove their investment in the country in three ways:

Visa de inversión calificada en Panamá
Visa de inversión calificada en Panamá

After choosing the preferred investment method, you must gather the following requirements to apply for the Investor Visa:

In case of having dependents, the applicant must additionally provide:

What is the process for applying for a Residence permit as an investor in Panama?

The qualified investor visa is the most practical and effective way to obtain permanent residence in the country and even be eligible to apply for citizenship in the future. The application process is carried out through the Immigration Office in person or through a duly authorized lawyer. The visa process takes no more than 30 days in total, after which you will be considered a permanent resident in Panama thanks to the foreign investment contributed.

It is important to reside in the country or return to Panama at least once every 2 years to keep your residence permit and Investor Visa valid.

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Types of Available Investment Options

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate in Panama can be an excellent option for investors seeking high long-term returns. In these cases, the investment must be substantiated by the following documents:

Real Estate Investment through a Promise of Sale Contract

Real estate investment through a promise of sale contract involves committing to purchase a property in the future at an agreed price. This type of investment allows buyers to secure a property before the final transaction is completed, providing them with the opportunity to reap potential benefits as the property value increases. To opt for this investment category, the following must be submitted:

Tipos de opciones de inversión disponibles

Investments made through a Securities House with an approved license from the Superintendence of the Securities Market of Panama

Investments made through Securities Houses involve participating in the Panamanian stock market through authorized intermediaries. To qualify for this option, the investor must provide:

Fixed-Term Deposit Investment through the Banking Sector

Investing in fixed-term deposits through the banking sector involves depositing money with a banking institution for a specified period of time, aiming to earn profits through fixed interests. Applicants for this type of investment must submit:

The investor can prove that the funds used for the investment come from abroad through:

Why Invest in Panama?

Panama offers several attractive benefits for those who decide to invest legally in the country. Some of these benefits include:

Tax Benefits

Panama offers tax benefits to investors, which may include tax exemptions or reductions for establishing businesses or investing in the country.

Customs Benefits

Panama’s strategic location and significant trade channel allow access to customs benefits, such as exemptions from import and export taxes on goods.

Labor Benefits

Panama provides a favorable work environment for investors, including the availability of skilled labor and competitive labor costs.

Por qué invertir en Panamá

Migration Benefits

Panama has favorable migration policies for foreign investors, offering the possibility of obtaining residence or citizenship through investment.

Investment Opportunities

The country offers investment opportunities in sectors such as real estate, tourism, logistics, and financial services, which can provide high returns and growth potential for investors.

Economic and Political Stability

Panama has maintained a stable economy and a favorable political environment for investment. This provides confidence and security for investors, reducing the risks associated with economic and political volatility.

Exploring Reforestation Investment Opportunities in Panama

Embark on a sustainable investment journey exploring reforestation opportunities in Panama. Our firm offers comprehensive guidance on the legal and financial aspects of these projects, ensuring that your investments align with your objectives and contribute to environmental conservation efforts in Panama.

Investing in government-certified reforestation projects offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Environmental Contribution: Investors play a crucial role in preserving biodiversity, fighting climate change and mitigating deforestation, thus having a positive impact on the environment.
  • Financial Incentives: From a financial perspective, government-certified reforestation projects often come with a variety of tax incentives and benefits, enhancing the overall attractiveness of these investments. Furthermore, the long-term potential for timber production and the generation of carbon credits adds a dimension of sustainable profitability to these projects, aligning environmental management with financial gains.
  • Social Impact: Investing in reforestation projects can create employment opportunities, support local economic development and improve community relations, contributing to a positive social impact.
  • Access to Financial Mechanisms: Investors can gain access to government grants, subsidies and other financial incentives, reducing the financial burden associated with reforestation initiatives and amplifying the overall return on investment.

We facilitate networking and integration opportunities for investors seeking to establish a presence in Panama. Our extensive network and local experience allow us to connect investors with key players, fostering meaningful relationships and paving the way for successful business ventures in the region.

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Navigate the complexities of the Golden Visa application and investment planning with confidence, thanks to our personalized support services. From visa applications to investment structuring, our team is dedicated to optimizing your migration and investment strategies, aligning them with your long-term objectives.

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