Student Visa in Panama

In Panama, a Student Visa allows foreign students to enter the country to pursue regular studies at an educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education.

To obtain a Student Visa in Panama, the applicant must provide an acceptance letter from an educational institution and demonstrate that they have the necessary financial resources to cover tuition and living costs during their stay in the country.

What is a student visa?

A Student Visa is a type of visa that allows foreign students to enter the country solely for the purpose of studying at an educational institution. The Student Visa in Panama is valid for one year and can be renewed annually while continuing studies.

If a student wishes to remain in the country after their study program, a Student Visa can be a key step in obtaining a work permit or a residence visa, although the prevailing immigration regulations would need to be assessed at that time.

Benefits of studying in Panama with a student visa

Some general benefits may include: the opportunity to study at a prestigious institution abroad, receive a quality education, improve language skills in the host country, gain an international reputation, learn about a new culture, and make new friends from around the world.

Requirements for a student visa

The requirements to apply for a Student Visa in Panama are as follows:

  • Notarized Power of Attorney and Application.
  • 3 passport-sized photographs.
  • Notarized or authenticated copy of the passport.
  • Updated criminal record certificate (for students over 18 years old).
  • Recent health certificate.
  • Sworn declaration form of personal background.
  • Certified check for B./250.00 payable to the National Treasury.
  • Letter of admission from the educational institution (original).
  • Proof of tuition payment.
  • Certification from the educational institution detailing the applicant’s personal information, study hours, schedule, and subjects to be taken according to the study plan.
  • Proof of financial solvency demonstrated through one of these figures: scholarship certificate, financing certificate, or bank certification in favor of the applicant and/or the responsible person within the country.
  • If the student’s responsibility lies with a third party, a letter of responsibility must be presented.
  • Proof of foreign applicant’s address.

How to apply for a student visa with PGS Legal

By contacting us, you will receive professional service from day one, including: evaluation of your eligibility at a university, guidance on visa requirements, preparation of the required documentation, assistance with the visa application submission, and legal representation if necessary.

When you choose to work with a law firm with extensive experience in immigration matters, you ensure that you have the necessary resources and knowledge to navigate the Panamanian immigration system effectively, bringing you one step closer to your Student Visa. If you have more questions, contact us!

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