Permanent Residence for Crisol de Razas Applicants

This permanent visa is known as the “Permanent Resident Visa for Crisol de Razas Applicants.” To apply for it, it is necessary to meet the requirements of provisional residence for the previous 6 years, have maintained proper conduct during that period, and have the assistance of a qualified lawyer who will handle the procedures as the applicant’s legal representative.

Who is this visa for?

The Permanent Residence Visa for Crisol de Razas in Panama is focused on foreigners who have fulfilled the requirements to obtain provisional residence based on this condition and wish to establish themselves permanently in the country. This visa allows them to live and work legally and for an extended period in the country without the need to renew their immigration status regularly.

Required documentation for the application process (Requirements)

The application for this type of permanent visa will take into consideration the common requirements outlined in Decree Law 3 of 2008, which are:

Copy of the applicant’s passport (notarized, apostilled, or authenticated). Certificate of criminal records from the country of origin (valid). Health certificate issued by a qualified professional (with a date of issuance not exceeding 3 months). Payment of B./250.00 in favor of the National Treasury. Sworn statement of personal background.

Additionally, the following documentation will also be added to this process:

Present Panamanian police record (when the applicant has resided in Panama for more than 2 years). 2 passport-sized photographs. Properly completed application form. Any document proving the applicant’s address. Payment of additional fees for immigration services, repatriation deposit, and residence card (as applicable).

Minor applicants must have a notarized authorization from both parents (or the legal guardian) proving the family bond.

The application process

The immigration regularization process begins with the submission of the Permanent Residence for Crisol de Razas Applicants application to the National Immigration Service. It is important to ensure that you have a legal representative, as well as all the required documents and requirements.

Once the application is submitted, the National Immigration Service will evaluate the documentation and may request additional information or conduct an interview with the applicant. Subsequently, if the application is accepted, a fee must be paid, and the corresponding resolution will be issued.

It is worth noting that processing times may vary depending on the number of applications received, the complexity of each case, and the follow-up given to the procedure.

Our experience in this process

We understand the importance for our clients to obtain regular immigration status in the country. We know that this process can be complex and overwhelming, but we are here to provide you with the legal advice and support you need to achieve your goals, just as we have done with hundreds of clients who have trusted us in the past.

Our team of lawyers has the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you through the application process for Permanent Residence for Crisol de Razas Applicants, making the entire experience as easy and efficient as possible.

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