Real Estate Support

Legal support in real estate matters is a priority to ensure legal security throughout real estate transactions. PGS lawyers will take care of the review and preparation of contracts for purchase, sale, and rental. Likewise, they will deal with all matters, procedures, and documentation related to the property to help you quickly and effectively close your transactions.

Legal Advice on Buying, Selling, and Renting

Legal advice on real estate transactions is highly sought after in the country, as legal assistance and support at different stages of the process guarantee the success of the transaction. The real estate lawyer guides the buyer, seller, or lessor of the property during the process, but also ensures that the property does not have any liens or encumbrances that could prevent the transaction.

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Preparation of Purchase Agreements

The promise to purchase agreement is a private document in which the parties involved commit to selling and buying the property in question, accepting the agreed-upon timeframes, price, and conditions. The promise to purchase agreement must comply with the legal guidelines that give it validity, and this is only possible with the collaboration of a lawyer.

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Property Deeds

The registration of the property deed before the Public Registry is the only legal procedure by which the buyer can show that the newly acquired property is his/her own. To carry out this procedure, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements, which, although easy to obtain, care must be taken that they do not have any defects that could delay the process. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have the support of an experienced lawyer to save time and effort.

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Rental Contracts

The drafting of the lease contract by a legal professional will give you the security you need, as for its preparation, the lawyer personally evaluates all special circumstances that merit being included in the document, thus avoiding future inconveniences that must be resolved in court, causing additional expenses.

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Notary Services

Notary services are an important part of legal consulting in Panama, due to the existence of acts and documents that, due to their origin, need to go through a public act before a notary to acquire validity. With respect to this, at PGS, we provide you with the following services:

The minute is a private document prepared by a lawyer that includes the property data and the most important details of the sale. This document is a “draft” that will later become a public deed before the notary. The minute contains relevant data for the transaction and, therefore, must be endorsed by a suitable lawyer who certifies the information recorded to avoid errors.

Authentication and apostille of documents from abroad are essential when looking to carry out real estate transactions in Panama, for example, when using marriage certificates, birth certificates, or bank account certificates from a different country of origin. If this is your case, at PGS, we can help you streamline the authentication process to quickly give validity to your documents.

In accordance with current legislation, there are acts and contracts that must be recorded in a public deed, but for this to happen, it is necessary to have a document that complies with legal guidelines. It is precisely at this point where the experience and knowledge of a lawyer become fundamental allies to continue with the transaction.

The purchase-sale minutes gather information about the property’s characteristics, buyer and seller information, as well as the guidelines of the transaction (deadlines, payments, obligations, penalties for non-compliance, etc.). Within a real estate negotiation, the minutes are the first document where the key points of the agreement between both parties will be written down, to ensure that everything happens according to what was agreed.

Property taxes in Panama are generally calculated according to the value of the land or plot, the construction, and the improvements made to the property. However, this does not apply in all cases, as there are properties with special conditions where it is possible to obtain a reduction or exemption from some taxes.

Our team of legal consultants will evaluate your case and let you know if your property may be eligible for tax exemptions. If this is not possible, we will still seek to find a feasible solution that fits your reality.

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