Panama Friendly Nations Visa

What is it and How to Obtain it?

The Friendly Nations Visa is one of the most well-known and sought-after visas in Panama. With it, nationals from countries included on the list can obtain indefinite residence by complying with the legal requirements and procedures. Our firm’s attorneys can guide you if you intend to apply for the Friendly Nations program.

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What is the Panama Friendly Nations Visa?

The Friendly Nations Visa was an initiative launched over 10 years ago to encourage the arrival of foreign capital in Panama. It was so well-received that in 2023 it remains more relevant than ever, with a list of 50 qualified countries.

This migration program first grants a provisional residence permit for a period of 2 years. After this time, the applicant must renew their process to finally obtain a permanent residence permit, as well as a possible future naturalization.

Advantages of the Panama Friendly Nations Visa

Visa de Países Amigos Panamá

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Requirements for the Panama Friendly Nations Visa

These are the general requirements for applying for a Friendly Nations Visa:

Eligible Countries for the Panama Friendly Nations Visa:

Updated July 21, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Friendly Nations Visa

As mentioned at the beginning, the first visa is provisional and has a duration of 2 years. After this time, the next renewal will allow you to obtain the permanent visa that guarantees indefinite residence in the country.

The residence permit through the Friendly Nations Visa entitles you to obtain a work permit. Therefore, you must start the process with MITRADEL, fully complying with the relevant documentation. However, we recommend that you take your precautions as this process may take up to 6 months in total.

The Friendly Nations Visa is indefinite and, therefore, you can legally remain in the country as long as you wish.

The application process for the Friendly Nations Visa demands a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements and meticulous attention to the characteristics and possibilities of each client. Our experienced immigration attorneys will guide you through every step, from gathering the necessary documentation to filing the application, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Establishing economic and professional ties to Panama is a crucial component of the migration process. Our firm provides tailored legal advice to assist individuals and businesses in creating the necessary connections, whether through investments, professional engagements, or other avenues, to meet the requirements for migration to Panama.

Securing an employment contract that complies with Panamanian regulations is essential for individuals seeking migration through the Friendly Nations Visa program. Our firm offers comprehensive legal counsel to ensure that employment contracts meet the stipulated requirements, facilitating a seamless transition to working and residing in Panama.

Real estate ownership serves as a compelling economic link for people looking to migrate to Panama. Our legal team provides strategic guidance in the acquisition of properties that align with visa requirements, leveraging our expertise in the real estate area to streamline the real estate buying process for our clients.

Understanding the complexity and importance of long-term certificates of deposit is a critical aspect of the migration process. Our firm offers invaluable advice to facilitate the acquisition and administration of these financial instruments, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the visa program.

Understanding every relevant financial aspect of the Friendly Nations Visa is paramount for the applicant. Our attorneys will provide you with up-to-date information on financial requirements and help you structure your financial portfolios to align with the criteria required by the visa program.

It is important to understand that every residency process involves associated expenses. For your peace of mind, our firm provides transparent and detailed cost breakdowns, allowing individuals to effectively plan and budget for their migration journey to Panama.

Each case is unique, and as such, requires a thorough analysis of the banking and financial requirements associated with the Friendly Nations Visa to be processed. The extensive experience of the legal advisors who are part of PGS is extremely useful in ensuring that each client meets the financial criteria necessary to successfully carry out this type of procedure.

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