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For 15 years, Panama Global Solutions has provided legal advice to hundreds of national and foreign clients from the Republic of Panama. We provide legal consulting services that cover all areas of law, being the most reliable, qualified, and experienced option.

PGS Legal

Proveemos un servicio de consultoría jurídica que abarca todos los temas en materia de leyes, siendo la opción más confiable, calificada y experimentada.

Panama Global Solutions is a consolidated law firm in Panama with extensive legal practice, which includes:

PGS Legal Abogados en Panamá

Legal Advice

We have a multidisciplinary legal team made up of experts in Panamanian law with great renown and trajectory, headed by:

Lic. Mgtr. Emilio Corneo, Lic. Mgtr. Heriberto Estribi, Lic. Mgtr. Adriano Castillo, Lic. Mgtr. José A. Pérez, Lic. Miguel A. Dominguez.

Ellos serán sus aliados al momento de aclarar dudas y resolver cualquier conflicto legal (judicial o extrajudicialmente) de una manera práctica, discreta y con resultados que favorezcan sus intereses.

Why is it important to have a lawyer in Panama?

In Panama, as in many other countries, lawyers play a fundamental role in the legal system; their profession allows them to properly interpret the laws, handle legal matters within the constitutional framework, and appear before the courts when necessary.

A lawyer can analyze, draft and process documents and/or files in cases related to family, labor, business, patrimonial, real estate, among others. For this and many other reasons, having the advice of a suitable lawyer is indispensable if you want to protect your interests and enforce your rights.

PSG Legal Abogados en Panamá

Knowledge and experience in laws

The sum of the years of experience of the PSG lawyers results in more than 70 years. Each of our legal representatives has accumulated learning and overcome challenges in their respective areas of specialization, so we are convinced of the great results that can be obtained together with our firm.

PGS Legal Abogados en Panamá

Legal Representation

Becoming intermediaries of natural or legal clients in their legal procedures and processes is part of our daily functions. And we do it with the greatest commitment!

PSG Legal Abogados en Panamá

Time and Money Saving

Do not waste your valuable time facing institutional bureaucracy, leave it in our hands, and just wait for the results.

Satisfied Clients

Con una altísima tasa de fidelización hacia nuestra firma, los clientes reconocen el valor y la calidad del trabajo que realizamos.

PGS Attorneys

A base de 21 reseñas
Al Fa
Al Fa
All commissioned services were carried out to the fullest satisfaction. The lawyers and staff working here are extremely friendly and helpful.
Melanie Diamond-Manlusoc
Melanie Diamond-Manlusoc
The PGS Realty team went above and beyond to help us find our new home. They are friendly, punctual, personable, professional, and did everything to make our apartment hunting easy and stress-free. In a single weekend we found our new place and signed a lease. When it was time to move in, they even offered to let in the moving company the day before we arrived so that all of our belongings would be there ahead of time. Use PGS Realty, you won't regret it!
Anna Lacoste
Anna Lacoste
Marc Biosi helped me to get the perfekt apartment for me and my kids. He is very professional, attentive and gave us the best service.
Marc Biosi was great! His attentiveness to our needs led to us finding the perfect apartment. Marc’s follow up has been very helpful for settling in after the move.
Jon Sæverud Haddal
Jon Sæverud Haddal
I've worked with lots of top lawyers and consultants, and Mr. Heriberto Estribi is one of those top professionals that knows his field of expertise inside out, is fast, genuine, friendly, helpful, honest and not least very interesting to meet. The process was frankly impeccable. I interacted with four other people at his office in July 2021, and these guys were also a thrill to work with. Focused, experienced, helpful, efficient, on time, updated on my case etc. etc. No surprising additional costs. In fact, no additional costs even though I got some changes done. Top quality from A to Z. Feel free to google my name and contact me if you have further inquiries.
Matthias Lefarth
Matthias Lefarth
Ich wurde von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute hervorragend betreut. Panama global Solutions arbeitet völlig professionell und transparent. Ich kann Panama global solutions nur bestens weiter empfehlen.
Philip Baker
Philip Baker
I have to say that I have been incredibly impressed and pleased with the quality, efficiency and thoroughness of the great service we have received from the whole PGS team. We have purchased two condos and also established Permanent Residency in Panama using PGS services for all of our legal requirements. Emilio and Edwin and all of their colleagues have been there every step of the way, providing sage, timely and patient guidance and efforts on our behalf. With their help, all of our steps to go through real estate and residency processes went very smoothly. They have also been very cost effective, offering better pricing and fees than other legal firms we looked at in Panama. We have been very happy that we made the decision to go with PGS! I need to make a very special mention of Andrea Cooper who has acted as our real estate agent for two major purchases over the past four years. Andrea has gone well above and beyond our expectations on these efforts. She has been the best real estate agent we have worked with, in any country, including our home of Canada. Anyone looking to buy or lease real estate in Panama is in great hands if they make the decision to work with Andrea and the whole extended PGS team. A big thank you to PGS!
Daniel Kleinhappel
Daniel Kleinhappel
Emilio was very professional, helpful and kind. Extremely fast responsive and all the immigration process was well planed. Highly recommended. You won’t find any better in panama.

Legal Services

Find here the legal service of your preference:

PGS Legal Abogados en Panamá

Commercial Law

We will be your guides in the creation of corporations, civil societies, limited liability companies, non-profit organizations; obtaining a commercial license, registering a trademark, and more.

Corporate Lawyers


Tax Lawyers

PSG Legal Abogados en Panamá

Estate Planning

We provide personalized legal solutions so that you can protect your assets in the country and abroad. Trusts, foundations, and offshore companies are some of the most demanded services. We can also take care of your wills and succession processes, providing you with peace of mind for the future.




PSG Legal Abogados en Panamá

Real Estate

Most real estate transactions in Panama follow a rigorous process; in addition to real estate guidance, we can assist with authentication or apostille of documents from abroad.

General Support

Deeds and Documents

PSG Legal Abogados en Panamá

Residency and Life

We personally evaluate your situation to offer support in the immigration process so that you can obtain residency in Panama.



Friendly Countries

Qualified Investor

Our clients

This is only a fraction of the natural and legal clients that we have the honor of representing.

Do you have any legal questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm retains the best of traditional law firms, but with an innovative touch that makes us much more competitive. As we mentioned earlier, we have the knowledge and expertise in labor, criminal, commercial, and civil law, being able to cover different processes for the same client at the same time.

The confidentiality, honesty, and punctuality of each of our members have been demonstrated. If you still have doubts about this, we invite you to take a look at the testimonials of our clients, since we know perfectly well that in today’s world, comments and reputation on the internet can make a difference when choosing who to consult with.

Lawyer fees in Panama vary according to the law firm you select and its reputation. However, you will be interested to know that at Panama Global Solutions, the first consultation is free; in this way, you can test the quality of our service and draw your own conclusions.

To practice a profession as complex as law, lawyers must have values such as honesty, justice, and commitment deeply rooted both to enforce the law and to work for their clients. A good lawyer will have critical thinking, a broad perspective, great public speaking skills, ability to work under pressure, and complete control of all relevant information for each case, to mention the minimum.

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