Real Estate Lawyers: Protect Your Real Estate Investment

In Panama, real estate investments do not stop due to the multiple advantages that the country offers. However, it is always advisable to have the advice of a qualified lawyer and a licensed real estate broker to ensure the success of any real estate transaction: purchase, sale or lease of houses, apartments, premises or farms.

What is a Real Estate Lawyer?

Real estate lawyers have a deep knowledge of both the law and the real In our case, we also have a real estate broker’s license that guarantees the legal exercise of this profession, being able to assist buyers and sellers (national or foreign) in the different real estate transactions in Panama.

The real estate lawyer has among his functions: drafting of contracts, legal advice on documentation, taxes and estimation of the value of properties; additionally, he is qualified to solve problems related to public deeds, disputes and conflicts in cases of encroachment, encumbrances, transfers and related matters.

Services We Offer as Real Estate Lawyers

Tax and Legal Advice

We provide expert advice on tax and legal matters related to properties in Panama, including: the interpretation and application of tax laws and regulations, proper tax planning for property acquisition and sale, and the resolution of legal disputes.

Real Estate Purchase Contract Negotiations

We handle negotiations and drafting of purchase contracts to ensure that the terms and conditions are favorable for our clients, covering aspects such as a thorough review of existing contracts, negotiation of protective clauses, and legal representation during the purchase process.

Real Estate Due Diligence

We conduct thorough investigations on the property in question to ensure that there are no legal, tax, or financial issues that could affect the transaction. This involves verifying property ownership, reviewing liens or mortgages, and assessing any pending legal conflicts.

Abogados en Bienes Raíces: Proteja su Inversión Inmobiliaria

Management of Procedures and Permits

We take care of all the necessary procedures and permits for the purchase, sale, or investment in properties in Panama, including obtaining property certificates, construction permits, environmental licenses, and any other legal or administrative requirements.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

In case of disputes or conflicts related to properties, we provide legal representation services to efficiently and effectively resolve them. This may include mediation, negotiation, and, if necessary, representation in legal proceedings.

Servicios que ofrecemos como abogados de propiedades

Estate Planning

We provide advice on estate planning to ensure the proper protection and transfer of real estate assets. Based on your needs, we can guide you in creating trusts, structuring companies for property management, and estate planning.

Real Estate Investment Advice

We offer strategic advice to investors interested in the real estate market in Panama. This includes market analysis, evaluation of investment opportunities, transaction structuring, and risk management.

Abogados en Bienes Raíces Proteja su Inversión Inmobiliaria

How can we help you?

The PGS team can assist you in the most relevant real estate legal proceedings, such as:

Why do I need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Real estate transactions often require the guidance of legal consultants to ensure that the transactions are carried out under the correct terms and deadlines.

The real estate lawyer assists and legally represents his clients in negotiations, agreements and lawsuits, as well as in obtaining and delivering the necessary administrative documentation. It is also responsible for conducting due diligences of the property in order to verify that it is free of any restriction or measure that may prevent its sale. For this and more, a real estate attorney is the best choice for those who want to:

Abogados en Bienes Raíces: Proteja su Inversión Inmobiliaria

Protecting your interests

Our law firm will help you take care of your interests and the very important rights of your property, so as not to put your invested capital at risk.

Abogados en Bienes Raíces: Proteja su Inversión Inmobiliaria

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

By having specialized legal advice you will be able to prevent real estate conflicts, which usually involve a long and delayed process. PGS lawyers will find a way to reach a conciliation between the parties involved, if this is not possible, they will represent you in trials and hearings to defend your interests at all costs.

Our Track Record

Panama Global Solutions is a law firm with over 15 years of experience in the country. During this time, we have been recognized for providing quality legal services with excellent results, establishing a strong reputation in the legal sector thanks to our work ethics, professionalism, and dedication to protecting the interests of our clients.

Our team of lawyers specialized in various branches of law is committed to providing solid and strategic legal advice, both regarding real estate and other areas outside of it. Count on PGS Legal to get the legal representation you need!

Advantages of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

Hiring the services of a real estate lawyer offers several significant advantages, including:

Ventajas de contratar a un Abogado Inmobiliario

Our clients

This is only a fraction of the natural and legal clients that we have the honor of representing.

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