Residence for Panamanian Children

In Panama, foreigners who have Panamanian children can apply for permanent residence through a residence visa based on family ties. This process requires a series of documents such as birth certificates, police clearance certificates, sworn statements, and certified checks.

It is also important to mention that the process can take several months, and it is necessary to have the assistance of a specialized Panamanian lawyer in immigration matters who will act as a legal representative.

Benefits of this visa

The benefits of obtaining residence through the family ties visa for foreigners with Panamanian children include:

  • The right to work and live legally in the country. 
  • The possibility of opening bank accounts and acquiring real estate. 
  • The right to receive medical care and public education in the country.

In addition, foreigners can choose to apply for Panamanian citizenship after legally residing in the country for a certain period.

Required Documentation for the Application Process (Requirements)

Foreigners who have Panamanian children aged five (5) years or older can apply for residence based on family ties. The following requirements must be submitted:

  • Notarized power of attorney and completed application, indicating the names and nationalities of the parents. 
  • Three passport-sized photographs. 
  • Notarized or authenticated copy of the passport. 
  • Valid police clearance certificate. 
  • Health certificate issued by a qualified physician. 
  • Certified check for B/.250.00 (payable to the National Treasury). 
  • Certified check for B/.800.00 (payable to the National Immigration Service). 
  • Sworn declaration form of personal background. 
  • Notarized letter of responsibility and repatriation from the resident or national. 
  • Birth certificate(s) of Panamanian child(ren) issued by the National Civil Registry Office with respective fiscal stamps (B/.3.00). 
  • Notarized sworn statement by the father or mother of the child, stating that the applicant has fully complied with their duties as a parent. 
  • Document proving the applicant’s address (lease agreement, property title, copy of a public service receipt, among others). 
  • Notarized copy of the immigration card (provisional resident). In case of having a Panamanian ID card or permanent residence card, it must be authenticated by the National Civil Registry Office in Panama.

The Application Process

First, the applicant must gather all the documentation mentioned in the previous section. Once all the requirements are met, they must be submitted to the National Immigration Service in Panama. The guidance of a specialized lawyer in immigration matters is essential to guide the application process and ensure compliance with the established guidelines and timelines.

It is important to note that the processing of the residence application based on Panamanian children can take several weeks or even months, and it may be subject to reviews and additional authorizations by the immigration authorities.

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