Commercial Law Attorneys in Panama

Before starting any type of business in Panama, it is essential to obtain specialized advice to ensure compliance with local procedures and regulations, with the aim of providing your company with a solid legal structure.

At our firm, you will find a wide range of services dedicated exclusively to Business Law, covering everything related to: company formation, contract drafting, minutes and the complete package of private corporate documents. Additionally, we can assist you with tax registration, an essential step for your business to exist tax-wise in Panama.

Why do you need a commercial law attorney in Panama?

Our experts in Panamanian law know perfectly every requirement, deadline and way of acting to achieve the results that our clients expect in the shortest possible time, without bureaucracies or setbacks.

Depending on the commercial activity to which you dedicate yourself, the PGS team can advise you in the processing of commercial permits or “special” permits if your company is dedicated to the sale of products, restaurants, distribution of chemical products, among others.

Services we offer

The attorneys at PGS are willing and fully trained to guide you step by step through the legal processes related to:

Abogados corporativos en Panama (2)


Incorporation, dissolution and redomiciliation of companies, representation as resident agent, corporate restructurings; preparation of contracts, resolutions, minutes and more.

Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada o LLCs en Panamá


Establish a North American LLC and begin to enjoy unparalleled financial benefits, international banking access, global prestige, among others. Currently, this is one of the best corporate alternatives for entrepreneurs with international or digital businesses who reside outside the United States.

Abogados para Lobbies en Panamá

Banking Lobbies

We ensure that you achieve your banking objectives in full compliance with legal requirements. Our management in banks includes: Assistance in opening corporate bank accounts (personal and fixed) in Panama, obtaining local debit cards and pledged credit cards; lobbies for fiduciary services, investment advice, assignment of assets inside and outside Panama, mortgage loans.

¿Necesita asesoría legal en materia tributaria en Panamá?


We help our natural and legal clients (inside and outside Panama) comply with current tax regulations; professionally guiding them in the calculation, payment, exemption and prescription of taxes.

Why choose us as your commercial law attorneys in Panama?

The attorneys at PGS are accustomed to working with a methodology that safeguards the client’s interests, so they can expand the legal perspective and propose new ways of organizing and protecting their business structure, thus anticipating any corporate risk that could affect their commercial operations in the future; this is one of the many benefits you can get by choosing us as your legal representatives.

At PGS the first consultation is free!

Contact us now and clarify your doubts with one of our legal specialists.

Frequently asked questions about commercial law in Panama

Commercial law is precise, requiring extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations for the formation, modification, or dissolution of a company, corporation, or partnership. Lawyers also serve as resident agents, an essential figure for registering and formally incorporating a company in the country.

In addition, the attorney is responsible for analyzing, drafting, negotiating, and representing the client in the acts, processes, and contracts arising from the new commercial activity or any other previously established business.

Lawyers with a practice area in commercial law guide, advise, and cover everything related to commercial transactions, investments, financial matters, economic legal disputes, and litigation in Panama, etc. They also immediately clarify common doubts that arise when preparing a contract or agreement, as well as when evaluating the merger or acquisition of new companies.

Copyright and industrial property for new inventions, including patents, trademarks, designs, technologies, among others, have legal protection in Panama since 1995. We invite you to prevent any attempt at plagiarism by obtaining personalized legal advice from one of the PGS lawyers.

In Panama, before resorting to a national court litigation (which is the longest process), alternative extrajudicial options such as conciliation, mediation, and arbitration can be evaluated to achieve a successful resolution of the conflict or controversy. In any case, there must be prior legal advice to assess the most viable option for a particular case. We remind you that you can always count on the support of the licensed lawyers of Panama Global Solutions.

Our clients

This is only a fraction of the natural and legal clients that we have the honor of representing.

Do you have any legal questions?

Do you have any legal questions?

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