Tourist Visa in Panama

The tourist visa to Panama is an excellent way to explore and enjoy this beautiful country. With this visa, tourists have the opportunity to visit and admire some of the most spectacular natural and cultural wonders of this territory.

If you are planning a trip to Panama as a tourist, it’s essential to know the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain a tourist visa. At PGS Attorneys, we want to help you navigate through this process; for this reason, we will provide you with everything you need to know to successfully obtain your tourist visa and enjoy the warmth of Panama.

What does the tourist visa consist of?

The tourist visa is a document that allows foreign tourists to visit and explore the country for 90 consecutive days. It’s worth noting that interested individuals must apply for this visa in advance before entering Panama for tourist purposes.

The total duration of the tourist visa will depend on the requirements and procedures requested by the Panamanian authorities, as well as the nationality of the visitor.

Requirements for the tourist visa in Panama

The tourist visa to Panama can be processed at the Embassy or Consulate of Panama in the applicant’s country of residence or online through the official website of Panama’s Migration Authority.

During the visa application process, the applicant must submit the following documentation to the competent authorities:

Requisitos para la visa de turistas en Panamá

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If you are looking for a unique travel experience in Panama, PGS Attorneys is here to help make your dreams come true! Our experienced legal firm will take care of the necessary processes for you to obtain your tourist visa and explore one of the most vibrant and exotic destinations in Latin America.

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