Estate Planning in Panama: How to Protect Your Assets and Secure Your Future

Our law firm provides personalized guidance to individuals, families, and corporations in need of estate planning and asset management advice. PGS’s experience in this field will help you ensure the protection, preservation, and proper distribution of your national and international assets.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning aims to help individuals and family groups maximize their goals without jeopardizing the integrity of their future wealth. In financial planning, it is crucial to create a structure that adapts to the client’s reality to protect their assets from any unforeseen circumstances that could threaten their financial security, whether due to personal, family, or business-related issues.

Planeacion patrimonial en Panama Como proteger tus bienes y asegurar el futuro (1)

How PGS Can Assist You with Estate Planning

In Panama, there are various ways to secure your estate and protect your assets. These include commonly used planning tools such as offshore companies, foundations, and trusts. PGS has the knowledge and experience to offer you several interesting proposals, allowing you to assess and select the best estate plan for your assets.

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

In the case of business estate planning, the objective is to organize and structure the estate to ensure a smooth and orderly transition when the time for succession arrives.

In a less complex scenario, estate planning helps guarantee the fair distribution of an individual’s assets upon their passing or when they are legally deemed incapacitated.

Estate Planning Options in Panama We Offer

Here are some of the planning tools we have for those looking to safeguard their estate:

Planeacion patrimonial en Panama Como proteger tus bienes y asegurar el futuro


Foundations, specifically private interest foundations, are a legal entity with several similarities to trusts in wealth management. This type of foundation has a solid foundation and many benefits that make it highly convenient for protecting and managing family assets. If you need more information on the advantages and the process of establishing a private interest foundation, don’t hesitate to contact our financial and estate planning attorney!

Planeacion patrimonial en Panama Como proteger tus bienes y asegurar el futuro (1)


A will is a document that serves as a legal instrument to ensure the faithful execution of a deceased person’s last wishes. However, this document must comply with certain legal requirements and go through a rigorous succession process to confirm its validity. Due to the complexity of the matter, it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialized attorney when drafting a will to ensure that it complies satisfactorily with legal guidelines, avoiding future inconveniences or misinterpretations.

When Is Estate Planning Recommended?

Estate planning is widely recommended in the following situations:

Benefits of Estate Planning

Among the benefits of having an estate plan, we can mention:

Beneficios del plan patrimonial

Asset Protection

Estate planning allows you to protect your assets from possible legal, financial, or family risks, ensuring that they are used according to your wishes and not lost in disputes or unnecessary taxes.

Tax Minimization

A well-crafted estate plan can help reduce the tax burden on your heirs by minimizing taxes on property transfers and inheritances.

Preservation of Family Harmony

By clearly defining how you want your assets to be distributed, you can avoid family conflicts and disputes after your passing, promoting harmony and unity among your family members.

Tools for Estate Planning

Your estate planning attorney may suggest some of these tools for managing your estate:

Wills and Trusts

These legal documents allow you to specify in detail how you want your assets and properties to be distributed after your passing.


Private interest foundations play a significant role in estate planning. These foundations are used as legal vehicles to manage and preserve family assets over time.

Powers of Attorney

Through these documents, it is possible to designate a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf in the event of incapacity or serious illness.

Herramientas para la Planificación Patrimonial

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