Banking Lobbies

From Panama to the United States, PGS’s legal assistance service knows no boundaries. Let our experts handle the opening of national and foreign bank accounts, investment accounts (personal, corporate, North American LLCs, private interest foundations), and more.

Banking Lobbies for LLCs in the USA

Our international partnerships allow us to serve as intermediaries between our clients and renowned American law firms, ensuring the correct opening of bank accounts in US financial institutions.

It is public knowledge that banks in the USA have strict requirements that must be met in order to successfully open a bank account. One of these requirements is the LLC owner’s presence at the bank. For your peace of mind, our native allies will support you during the process, ensuring that your account is enabled and ready to be used.

Abogados para Lobbies en Panamá

Banking Lobbies for LLCs in Panama

One of the great advantages of an LLC is the ability to open bank accounts in Panama. Panamanian and foreign banks handle similar procedures, but due diligence in Panama has a much greater impact. With the right advice, you can open an account in accordance with current regulations.

Please note that to open a bank account in Panama, the LLC owner must be present at the bank to finalize the process.

Abogados para Lobbies en Panamá

Banking Lobbies for Panamanian entities

Opening a bank account for companies in Panama can be considered a great challenge by many. However, you can count on PGS’s support at all times to turn this cumbersome process into a pleasant and satisfactory experience.

The process generally includes due diligence verification, the presentation of the commercial license (for Panamanian companies), and other additional requirements and documents. Our lawyers have the tools to expedite the obtaining of the commercial license if necessary. From there on, they can guide you through the rest of the stages of opening your bank account in Panama.

Investment Account Lobbies

Investment accounts provide direct access to the different financial instruments available in the stock market and can be created for individuals, companies, LLCs, and foundations. At PGS, we understand your investment needs and do everything possible to provide you with the results you deserve.

Cryptocurrency Service Lobbies

Financial management in the blockchain field is uncharted territory for many people. Therefore, finding true professionals in the field can be somewhat difficult. PGS has contacts with solid and internationally backed brokerage companies in Panama, through which you can channel the administration of your cryptocurrency funds appropriately and within the limits of the law.

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