Mediation of Labor Disputes

What is Labor Dispute Mediation About?

Labor dispute mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that aims to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement between the involved parties. In Panama, this approach has become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and time savings compared to traditional legal proceedings.

Our Role in Mediating Labor Disputes

As legal advisors in labor dispute mediation, our role is to provide professional and expert guidance to our clients. We analyze the specific employment situation and offer legal guidance based on current labor laws and regulations.

Mediation Process in Labor Disputes

The mediation process in labor disputes takes place in several stages. First, a confidentiality agreement is established to ensure the privacy of discussions. Then, meetings are scheduled between the involved parties and the appointed mediator, providing them with the opportunity to express their concerns and viewpoints. During these meetings, the mediator facilitates communication and helps the parties explore possible solutions to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

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Labor dispute mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes in the Panamanian workplace. For more information, contact our legal advisors now.

Advantages of Having a Lawyer Mediate Labor Disputes

Specialized Legal Knowledge

A lawyer specializing in labor mediation has a deep understanding of Panamanian labor laws and can provide solid legal advice to clients. This ensures that all decisions made during the mediation process are supported by a strong legal framework.

Handling Emotions and Dynamics

During labor dispute mediation, emotions can run high, and dynamics between parties can be complicated. An experienced mediation lawyer knows how to handle these situations and maintain an environment of constructive dialogue. Their presence can help reduce tension and facilitate effective communication between the parties.

Negotiation Skills

Mediator lawyers possess negotiation skills and can assist their clients in achieving favorable outcomes during mediation. They know how to present strong arguments, negotiate fair agreements, and protect the rights and interests of their clients.

De qué trata la mediación de conflictos laborales
Proceso de mediación en conflictos laborales


During the mediation process, a confidentiality agreement is established to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of discussions. The mediator lawyer will ensure that this agreement is upheld and protect sensitive information shared during mediation sessions.

Time and Cost Savings

Labor mediation is generally faster and less expensive than traditional legal proceedings. Having a lawyer mediate the conflict can expedite the process and avoid unnecessary expenses associated with prolonged litigation.

Preservation of the Employment Relationship

In many cases, mediation aims to preserve the employment relationship between the involved parties. A lawyer can help find creative solutions that allow both parties to continue working together effectively after resolving the conflict.

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