Attorneys Specialized in Condominium Property

Having specialized attorneys in Condominium Property can make a difference in conflict resolution and protection of owners’ rights. Our team is dedicated to providing expert legal advice and representation in all matters related to Condominium Property.

Whether you need assistance in drafting and reviewing lease agreements, resolving disputes among owners, interpreting and complying with coexistence regulations, or any other legal issue related to Condominium Property, our attorneys are trained and ready to assist you.

Services We Offer

We take pride in offering personalized and efficient service to our clients, always focused on protecting their rights and achieving equitable solutions. With years of experience and deep knowledge of Condominium Property laws and regulations in Panama, our attorneys are prepared to face any legal challenge that arises.

Comprehensive Legal Advice

Our comprehensive legal advisory service in Condominium Property is the perfect solution to ensure your rights and interests within a community are safeguarded. PGS legal advisors will provide you with comprehensive and personalized advice on all legal aspects related to Condominium Property; this includes:

Property Establishment and Registration

Our attorneys will provide expert advice on property establishment and registration, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and owners’ rights are protected.

Existence Certification and Legal Representation

In the realm of Condominium Property in Panama, having an existence certification and legal representation is essential to demonstrate the property’s legality and the validity of legal representation. Our team is responsible for obtaining and managing such certification, ensuring compliance with current laws and regulations.

Elaboración de Reglamentos de Propiedad Horizontal
Certificación de Existencia y Representación Legal

Elaboration of Condominium Property Regulations

Condominium Property Regulations are fundamental to establish the rules and regulations governing coexistence in a shared property. Our attorneys specialize in crafting customized regulations tailored to the needs and specificities of each property, ensuring compliance with legal provisions and keeping them up-to-date.

Drafting Minutes of Assembly and Board Meetings

In Condominium Property Assemblies and Board Meetings, having properly drafted and documented minutes is essential. Our legal advisors can assist you in drafting accurate and complete minutes, ensuring that agreements, decisions, and deliberations made during these meetings are adequately reflected.

Are you facing conflicts with other owners or the administration of your building?

Our attorneys will help you resolve them effectively and fairly, ensuring harmonious coexistence within your community.

Consultancy in Co-Owners Assemblies

With our expert legal consultancy in Co-Owners Assemblies, we ensure that owners’ rights are respected, and legal provisions are followed. We ensure that assemblies are conducted transparently and democratically, providing legal guidance to co-owners and safeguarding their interests.

Conflict Resolution and Legal Representation

In case of conflicts, our attorneys are prepared to provide legal representation and seek fair and equitable solutions. We employ efficient and effective conflict resolution strategies, always aiming to protect our clients’ rights and promote harmony in their community.

Conflicts Among Co-Owners

Conflicts among co-owners can arise at any time within a shared property, and addressing them properly is important. Our legal team specializes in resolving such conflicts, providing advice and legal representation to achieve fair agreements among the involved parties.

Issues with Administrators or Administrative Board

At times, issues may arise with administrators or the administrative board of the Condominium Property. Our attorneys are trained to address these issues, offering legal advice and representation in case legal measures are necessary to protect owners’ rights.

Cobros extrajudiciales y judicial de cobros morosos
Constitución e Inscripción de Propiedades

Non-Compliance and Penalties

When regulations or legal provisions in Condominium Property are breached, taking appropriate measures and applying fair penalties is essential. Our legal team can advise and represent owners in cases of non-compliance and penalties, always seeking to protect their rights and ensure adherence to established rules.

xtrajudicial and Judicial Collection of Arrears

In Condominium Property, dealing with arrears is common. Our attorneys have extensive experience in extrajudicial and judicial collection of arrears, ensuring that owners receive overdue payments in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Condominium Property can be legally complex terrain!

Avoid future complications and hire our legal services to ensure that everything is in order and fully compliant with current regulations.

Why Choose Us?

PGS stands out as the ideal choice when legal assistance in Condominium Property in Panama is needed. We have a team of professionals specialized in Condominium Property laws and regulations.

Our experience and knowledge enable us to provide quality service, focused on protecting our clients’ rights and ensuring compliance with current regulations. We concentrate on offering efficient and effective solutions to resolve any conflict or legal situation that may arise within a Condominium Property.

Additionally, we are distinguished by our dedication and commitment to each of our clients, understanding that each case is unique and requires personalized attention. That’s why we actively engage in every situation, providing comprehensive legal advice and solid legal representation.

Our clients

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