Corporate Lawyers in Panama

The legal professionals at Panama Global Solutions have an unparalleled understanding of the legal practice; for this reason, they can provide you with comprehensive legal advice that starts with the collection, analysis, and management of corporate documentation all the way to your proper incorporation as a company in Panama.

Services of Corporate Lawyers in Panama

PGS’s legal advisory service is designed for both national and foreign clients, whether individuals or legal entities (resident or non-resident in the country). Our team of specialist corporate lawyers can assist you in:

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Incorporation, dissolution, and redomiciliation of companies

We help you comply with legal formalities so that your process of incorporation, dissolution or redomiciliation of a company incorporated abroad that wants to move to Panama, is as fast and satisfactory as possible.

Resident Agent Service in Due Diligence

A resident agent is the term given to the legal advisor or company lawyer who undertakes due diligence to register a company in Panama, which is a mandatory requirement.

Corporate Restructuring

The corporate restructuring process allows for profound structural changes (administrative, legal, financial, operational…) in the business model, with the aim of correcting current errors and also those that can be prevented before they put the continuity and productivity of the company at risk in the future.

Review and Preparation of Contracts

Get legal assistance in managing commercial contracts, including drafting, reviewing, and presenting them. We can also translate and verify your foreign documents to ensure legal compliance and acceptance by Panamanian authorities.

Preparation of Resolutions and Minutes

PGS lawyers will guide you with professionalism and ethics in everything related to corporate documents: contract management, board minutes, shareholder minutes, conflict resolution, among others.

Abogados corporativos en Panama (2)

Benefits of Corporate Lawyers in Panama

Among the benefits you can achieve by hiring an expert lawyer in corporate legal matters are:

Why Choose Us as Your Corporate Lawyers?

PGS Integrated Legal Services is a law firm that stands out for its extensive experience and knowledge in the legal field. We take pride in providing exceptional service to businesses of all sizes, offering tailored legal solutions to their specific needs.

Our highly qualified team is committed to excellence and advocating for the interests of our clients. With a deep understanding of the Panamanian business environment and the laws that govern it, we strive to provide strategic, efficient, and effective legal advice. Whether you need support in commercial transactions, assistance in dispute resolution, or guidance in any other legal aspect, we can guarantee you a personalized approach and successful results.

By choosing us as your corporate lawyers, we ensure you receive quality service, absolute confidentiality, and a reliable legal partner on your journey towards business success. Allow us to be part of your team, and together, we will achieve your legal objectives!

Our Experience in the Business Sector

PGS’s experience in the business sector is the result of years of work and dedication in the field of corporate law in Panama. Thanks to this, we have had the privilege of representing and advising numerous companies across a wide range of industries (financial, technological, real estate, food, among others), providing effective and strategic legal solutions.

Our deep knowledge of the Panamanian and international business environment allows us to understand the challenges and opportunities that companies face in this dynamic market. Therefore, we are a reliable legal partner for those companies seeking security and peace of mind to reach their full potential in their business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corporate Lawyers in Panama

Hiring the services of a corporate lawyer gives you the advantage of having an expert ally in legal matters who is committed to your company. They will not only recognize the internal issues of the business or keep it in full legal compliance but also have the ability and expertise to anticipate risk factors that will help prevent future problems.

While a general lawyer may have basic knowledge of Panamanian law, they are not entirely familiar with the procedures before relevant authorities, the follow-up of new rules, or the most up-to-date regulations on a corporate level. On the other hand, a corporate lawyer will always be a key player in the constitution, development, and protection of the company and its assets.

Corporate lawyers in Panama can resolve any type of conflict or legal dispute that affects the interests of the company they represent, whether it is between their clients, partners, shareholders, employees, or even suppliers of the company.

A corporate lawyer in Panama must possess specialized knowledge to provide effective and high-quality service to companies. This includes:

  • Extensive understanding of laws and regulations governing corporate activities in Panama (commercial laws, tax regulations, labor law, and other relevant areas).
  • Competence in special laws and regulations (national and international) such as anti-money laundering prevention, data protection, and compliance with environmental standards.
  • Expertise in commercial transactions, being familiar with practices and regulations related to commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, financing, and negotiations.
  • Skills in conflict resolution. It’s important for a corporate lawyer to have excellent skills in conflict resolution and litigation, as they may need to represent the company in legal disputes and provide strategic advice in conflict resolution.

These are just some of the knowledge areas that a corporate lawyer in Panama should possess to provide comprehensive service to companies. However, it’s worth noting that specialization and continuous learning are essential to stay updated in a legal environment that’s constantly evolving.

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