Need legal advice on tax matters in Panama?

The legal consultants of Panama Global Solutions are here to help you understand the extensive field of tax law or fiscal law in Panama. For years, we have been one of the leading law firms offering premium legal services for natural and legal clients (both inside and outside Panama), providing appropriate advice and recommendations on taxes.

What you need to know about local laws

Panamanian laws are very clear regarding taxes, stating that products or services billed by a company in Panama that are destined for customers or companies outside the country do NOT generate “income tax” as long as it is demonstrated that the commercial transaction has had no effect in Panamanian territory.

On the other hand, incomes generated within Panama ARE subject to the payment of corresponding taxes (income tax, value-added tax, among others), regardless of the nationality, domicile, or residence of the recipient of the income received in Panama.

¿Necesita asesoría legal en materia tributaria en Panamá?

Our tax law professionals maintain ongoing training on new regulations and legal norms, allowing them to stay updated and provide clients with accurate guidance on the tax processes that correspond to them.

In Panama, tax fraud monitoring is relentless; fortunately, personal, corporate, and property taxes are our specialty. We personally evaluate your situation and propose the most convenient options so that the payment of your taxes does not become a problem.

Tax evasion is a crime that is usually linked to money laundering, we invite you to comply with your tax obligations and avoid sanctions. If you don’t know where to start, the legal team of PGS can advise you. Contact us!

There are many legal ways to exempt or reduce taxes, but they do not apply to all cases. Schedule an appointment with our licensed tax attorneys and learn about the tax options that can benefit you the most.

Tax Legal Advisory Services

Our extensive experience and technical knowledge in tax matters make us the most qualified law firm to resolve issues related to the Panamanian tax system. PGS lawyers will be your guides so that you can comply with the current tax rules in Panama, both in local businesses and those with international reach.

Our tax advisory services include:

Procedures before the General Revenue Directorate.

Tax exemptions.

Tax prescriptions.

Corrections of current accounts.

Establishment and dissolution of companies and foundations.

RUC registration.

Calculation and payment of taxes for real estate operations.

Refund of property taxes.

Certificate of tax residence.

Exoneration of properties.

Exoneration for property donations.

Administrative tax processes.

Why choose us as your tax attorneys?

Over the years, PGS has achieved great victories in many different legal scenarios. Each challenge has allowed us to demonstrate the quality of our arguments, the strength of the evidence presented, and the successful presentation of winning strategies in the cases handled. Join our team and count on the best legal protection!

Our clients

This is only a fraction of the natural and legal clients that we have the honor of representing.

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