Litigation Service in Panama

Litigation in Panama involves legal processes that arise when there are disputes between parties with opposing interests. These disputes can span a wide range of legal areas, making it crucial to have the support of attorneys specialized in litigation practice to ensure effective representation in Panamanian courts.

Litigators, Arbitrators, and Mediators in Panama

In Panama, litigators play a crucial role in defending the legal interests of our clients in judicial proceedings. Additionally, as arbitrators and mediators, we play an important role in alternative dispute resolution, offering conflict resolution options outside the courts.

Areas of Specialization in PGS Attorneys' Litigation

At PGS Attorneys, we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal assistance to help our clients navigate their litigation processes. Our team of litigators is highly trained and ready to offer advice and representation in a variety of litigation areas.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Civil and commercial litigation in Panama can arise from a myriad of situations, including contractual disputes, breaches of contracts, damages, and breaches of commercial agreements to property conflicts. Our attorneys have extensive legal experience in handling these cases and work diligently to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently.

Administrative Litigation

Administrative litigation often involves disputes with government or regulatory agencies. Our attorneys are well-versed in administrative law and can provide advice and representation in these complex cases.

Áreas de Especialización en Litigios de PGS Attorneys

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Labor Litigation

Labor litigation can arise from disputes between employers and employees over issues such as employment contracts, wages, working conditions, discrimination, unjustified dismissals, claims for labor benefits, among others. Our attorneys have a strong understanding of labor laws that will be invaluable in navigating these legal challenges.

Family Litigation

Family litigation can involve a variety of issues, including divorces, child custody, alimony, adoptions, etc. Our attorneys are committed to providing compassionate and effective advice and representation in these emotionally charged cases.

Proceso Legal de Litigios
Cómo Iniciar tu Caso de Litigio con PGS Attorneys

Legal Process of Litigation

The litigation process in Panama involves stages such as filing lawsuits, hearings, gathering evidence, arguments, and resolution of the dispute by competent courts. The goal of our litigators is to work diligently to protect the interests of our clients.

How to Initiate Your Litigation Case with PGS Attorneys?

Initiating a litigation case with PGS Attorneys is a straightforward process. First, we will start with an initial conversation with the client during which we will discuss the details of the case. From there, we will focus on assessing the viability of the case, establishing legal strategies, and providing guidance on the legal process to follow.

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