Why is Panama’s Residency by Investment better than EB-5?

Obtaining a lifetime residence through the “Qualified Investment” immigration program in Panama is becoming an increasingly popular option among international investors from Asia, India, and Latin America.

In addition to meeting the minimum standards that investors typically seek for placing their capital, such as security, political stability, the use of the US dollar, banking, international connectivity, and other competitive advantages that can be found in first-world countries, the Qualified Investment Immigration Program in Panama has certain direct advantages over the US EB-5 program, as it requires a lower investment amount, has a faster approval process, and simpler documentation.

Let’s start by mentioning that the Qualified Investment Program in Panama (in accordance with Decree 722 of 2020) is significantly less expensive than the EB-5 program. On the one hand, the EB-5 program requires a minimum investment of between $800,000 to $1,000,000 in the purchase of real estate, the creation of a business, or participation in a public development project or fund approved by the authorities. In contrast, the Qualified Residency Program in Panama only requires a $300k investment (until October 2024) in the purchase of real estate to obtain lifetime residency, without any additional requirements. In contrast, the EB-5 program, for example, also requires the mandatory creation of at least 10 local jobs to obtain residency.

We can also mention that in terms of time, the Qualified Investment Program in Panama is much faster than the EB-5 program. The process of obtaining residency through the EB-5 program can take several years, while the process of obtaining permanent residency in Panama only takes 30 days once all the required documentation is properly submitted to the Panamanian National Immigration Service.

Regarding requirements and documents, the EB-5 program requires a large amount of documentation and evidence, while the Qualified Investment Program in Panama only requires demonstrating the purchase of property registered in the Public Registry as “proof of investment,” plus basic documentation of the applicant and their family, such as backgrounds, passports, birth certificates, etc., to finally receive the necessary approval.

The Qualified Investor Migration Program in Panama also offers two other options to obtain residency: 1) investing $500k in the Stock Exchange or 2) opening a Fixed-Term account for $750k in a Panamanian bank.

In conclusion, the migration program through Qualified Investment in Panama is an excellent option for those international migrants and investors seeking to obtain reliable permanent residency abroad, as it is internationally recognized, more affordable, faster, and simpler.

If you are looking to move to a tropical country with first-world services, but at a low cost, with good quality of life for you and your family, Panama is an excellent option to consider. We are at your service to guide you. We are at your service to guide you.

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