Requirements for Civil Marriage in Panama: Complete Guide

Civil marriage is an important step in any couple’s life, symbolizing the legal and emotional commitment between two people. In Panama, this process is regulated by specific laws that ensure that everything is done in an orderly and fair manner.

If you’re planning to get married soon, it’s essential to know all the necessary requirements to avoid setbacks and make sure everything goes perfectly on your special day. Here are some of them…

Documentation Required for Civil Marriage

The preparation and organization of the documentation is essential to carry out the civil marriage successfully. The documents you need to submit include:

Valid Identity Card of both spouses

Both spouses must present their valid identity card, which serves to verify the identity and age of those who wish to marry. The ID card must be up-to-date and in good condition to avoid any inconvenience.

Birth Certificate

The birth certificate must be requested at the Civil Registry and be in good condition. The birth certificate not only confirms the identity and age of the spouses, but it is also a legal requirement for the civil marriage process.

Prenuptial Health Certificate

The prenuptial health certificate is a document that certifies that both spouses have completed the necessary medical examinations before getting married. This certificate aims to ensure that both of you are aware of your health status before joining your lives.

Laboratory Tests (Hemoglobin Electrophoresis, VDRL, HIV)

Within the prenuptial health certificate, several laboratory tests are included that are mandatory:

  • Hemoglobin Electrophoresis: This test is done to check for possible hemoglobin disorders that may run in families.
  • VDRL: It is a test to detect syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease.
  • HIV: Although in some places it may be optional, in Panama it is necessary to take this test to know the health status of both spouses.

Two Witnesses with Identity Cards

For civil marriage, it is necessary to have two witnesses who must also present their valid identity card. These witnesses must be of legal age and cannot be immediate family members of the contracting parties. The presence and signature of witnesses on the marriage certificate is essential to validate the act.

Documentation Required for Civil Marriage
Documentation Required for Civil Marriage

Additional Requirements for Foreigners

For foreigners who wish to enter into a civil marriage in Panama, there are some additional requirements that must be met. Among them:

Valid Passport

The passport is the document that proves the identity of the foreigner in Panama, therefore, it must be valid and in good condition. It is important that the foreigner has his or her immigration status in order to avoid problems during the application process.

Birth and Single Certificate Apostilled

Foreigners must present their birth certificate and a certificate of singleness. Both documents must be apostilled in the country of origin to be valid in Panama.

Notarial Declaration of Singleness

In addition to the apostilled certificate of singleness, the foreigner must submit a notarized declaration of singleness made in Panama. This declaration is a legal document where the foreign spouse declares under oath that he or she is not married.

Civil Marriage Application Process

The process of applying for civil marriage in Panama involves several steps that must be rigorously followed, such as:

Filing Documents in the Marriage Court

Once you have all the necessary documents, they must be submitted to the appropriate Marriage Court. It is important to bring originals and copies of all documents for verification. The court will review the documentation and, if everything is in order, proceed to register the marriage application.

Reservation of Date for the Ceremony

After the submission of the documents, the next step is to reserve the date for the ceremony. This is done in the same court, where a specific date and time will be assigned for the celebration of the civil marriage. It is advisable to make this reservation well in advance to guarantee the availability of the desired date.

Procedure on Marriage Day

On the day of the marriage, the bride and groom and witnesses must appear in court at the scheduled time. The officiant of the marriage will read the articles of the Family Code related to marriage and ask the contracting parties if they agree to marry.

Once both parties answer in the affirmative, the marriage certificate will be signed by the contracting parties, the witnesses and the officiant. Finally, a copy of the marriage certificate will be given to the contracting parties, thus making their union official.

Additional Requirements for Foreigners
Additional Requirements for Foreigners

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