Operation Notice for Natural Person in Panama

In the Panamanian business world, the operation notice is an essential document that every natural and legal person must be familiar with. This document is the key that opens the doors to commercial activity in this vibrant Central American country. But what exactly is the operation notice and how is it obtained? Find out this and more below…

What is the Operation Notice?

The operation notice, also known as an operation permit, is a legal document that authorizes a person (natural or legal) to carry out commercial activities in Panama. This document is issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama and is a mandatory requirement to operate legally in the country.

Requirements for the Operation Notice

To obtain the operation notice in Panama, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements. These may vary depending on the nature of the commercial activity to be carried out, but in general, the following is required:

Specific Conditions

There are specific conditions that must be met to obtain the operation notice. For example, if the commercial activity involves handling food, a health certification will be required.

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Registration and Validation Process

The process to obtain the operation notice in Panama is quite simple and can be done online through the Panama Emprende platform. Below are the steps to complete the procedure:

Requisitos para el Aviso de Operaciones
¿Qué es el Aviso de Operaciones?

Associated Costs

The cost to obtain the operation notice may vary depending on the commercial activity to be carried out. However, generally, a registration fee and an annual fee must be paid.

Payment Methods

Payment of the fees associated with the procedure can be made online through the Panama Emprende platform. Accepted methods include payments through the National Bank, as well as payments by credit and debit cards.

Approval of the Notice

After making the payment, the system will enable the option to print the operation notice. Ready! With this last step, you can consider your procedure concluded.

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