Arbitration and Business Mediation Services

In the fast-paced world of business, conflicts are an inevitable occurrence. At PGS Attorneys, we understand the importance of resolving these disputes efficiently and fairly, which is why we offer arbitration and business mediation services. Our focus is on providing effective and secure solutions that ensure the continuity and prosperity of your business.

What is Business Arbitration?

Business arbitration is an alternative method of resolving commercial disputes, where, instead of taking the conflict to court, the involved parties agree that an impartial third party (the arbitrator) will decide the outcome of the dispute. This method has gained popularity in Panama due to its efficiency and effectiveness.

In our law firm, we are experts in business conflict resolution and provide business arbitration services in Panama with highly trained and experienced professionals.

Advantages of Arbitration over Traditional Litigation

Arbitration offers several advantages over traditional litigation. Firstly, the arbitration process is generally faster and less costly than traditional litigation.

Additionally, arbitration provides greater flexibility in terms of procedures and rules of evidence.

Allowing parties more control over the dispute resolution process.

Last but not least, arbitration decisions are final and binding, providing greater legal certainty for the involved parties.

Qué es el Arbitraje Empresarial

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When to Choose Arbitration or Mediation?

Cuándo Optar por Arbitraje o Mediación

Arbitration services are particularly useful in complex business disputes where specialized knowledge is required to make a fair decision. On the other hand, business mediation is preferable when parties wish to maintain a long-term business relationship, as this method focuses on finding a mutually beneficial solution.

How to Resort to Arbitration?

Resorting to arbitration involves first agreeing with the other party that the dispute will be resolved through arbitration. This agreement is usually established in an existing commercial contract between the parties but can also be agreed upon when the dispute arises.

Once agreed upon, the parties select an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators and determine the procedure to be followed. They then present their arguments and evidence, and the arbitrator makes a decision that is binding and enforceable.

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Situations Suitable for Mediation

Various situations are susceptible to business mediation of conflicts. Some of these include:

In each of these situations, mediation can be an effective tool for dispute resolution, providing a faster, less costly, and more cooperative process than traditional litigation.

Avoid lengthy litigation and costly trials. Find out how arbitration and mediation can help your business today!

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